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If you are an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities, then ETHEREAL TUTE franchise will be the perfect partner to make you reach at the heights of business goals, as we offer you a best business opportunity in the Language Institute. As demand for Communication skills training and to crack English language tests in India continues to rise, so Ethereal Tute always work to make new and easy style to Learn- Understand- Express and to increase quality in the communication skills of students coming straight from education streams.

Why Busness With Us ? Franchise ? Franchise Opportunities ?

Franchising as a business model has witnessed high success rate globally. A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of each business day. Statistics reveal that more than 85% of new startups close down within 5years, whereas 85% of franchisees are still successful after 5 years. Success stories show that franchisee startups that adhere to the franchise system and standards rarely fail. Franchising has been an extremely successful business.

Why Ethereal Tute ?

Ethereal Tute is dedicated towards achievement of your success. We bring to you a creative educational program that assures your success through the installation and deployment of a proven business model.

Ethereal Tute is committed in terms of a successful business model, franchising support, top-notch staff training and attractive returns for those who choose to partner it.

Opportunity to be with Ethereal Tute

Ethereal Tute has been one of the young innovative and unique education style provider Institute in India. Ethereal Tute has trained many students and still continuing.

Useful points while making up a mind for Establishing an Institute.

  • Leverage a brand that brings the new and easy way of Education.
  • Start with low initial establishment costs.
  • Franchisees provide complete guidance and training to run Institutes.
  • Franchisees play an important role in growth of Ethereal Tute's Institutes in their area of executing.
  • Course fees are finalized with consultation by Business Partners, taking into account local market conditions.
  • Detailed operations and manual guidelines.
  • Institute Management and Faculty training support.
  • Update with latest tips and ideas of growth.
  • Courseware and Promotional material.
  • Sales and Marketing, Technical and Systems support
  • Profitable, sustainable and scalable business
  • Dedicated Franchise & Quality managers to ensure efficiency.

Requirements to be a Franchisee

  • 1800-2500 sq. ft. Area in the main commercial center of the town/city (own or rented).
  • Easily accessible by bus and Parking facility must be available.
  • Applicant must be above 18 years.
  • A well-furnished front office, fully equipped classroom of 200-300 sq. ft. and 2 cabins for speaking.
  • Faculty and course counsellors (Trained by Ethereal Tute).
  • Rs 5-7 lakhs as initial investment based on the location.
  • Commitment and Good administrative skills.
  • The franchisee must spend 60% time in Institute.

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