Store  /stɔː/  

Noun, Verb
Synonyms: Shop, cache, reserve, accumulate, storehouse, market, supply, repository, reservoir, keep, deposit, inventory, retail outlet
Antonyms: Use, dispel, fritter, distribution, debt, need

Hindi: दुकान, गोदाम, भंडार
Punjabi: ਸਟੋਰ


1. A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed.

2. A large shop selling different types of goods.

3. A sheep, steer, cow, or pig acquired or kept for fattening.

4. Keep or accumulate (something) for future use.

5. Retain or enter (information) for future electronic retrieval.

6. Have a supply of (something useful).

Plural noun: Stores.


Sudarshan Provision store is very prominent.

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