Split  /splɪt/  

Noun, Verb
Synonyms: Break, rupture, divide, separate, cut, rift, partition, disunion, part, crack, cleft
Antonyms: Attach, join, union, combine, unite, juncture

Hindi: होगा
Punjabi: ਕੀ ਹੋਵੇਗਾ?


1. Break or cause to break forcibly into parts, especially into halves or along the grain.

2. (With reference to a group of people) divide into two or more groups.

3. (Of one's head) suffer great pain from a headache.

4. Betray the secrets of or inform on someone.

5. Leave a place, especially suddenly.

6. A tear, crack, or fissure in something, especially down the middle or along the grain.

7. (In gymnastics and dance) an act of leaping in the air or sitting down with the legs straight and at right angles to the body, one in front and the other behind, or one at each side.

8. A thing that is divided or split, in particular: a bun, roll, or cake that is split or cut in half, (in tenpin bowling) a formation of standing pins after the first ball in which there is a gap between two pins or groups of pins, making a spare unlikely.

9. The time taken to complete a recognized part of a race, or the point in the race where such a time is measured.

Plural Noun: Splits

Verb form: Split, Split, Split


Split the leaves into two parts.

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