Slip  /slɪp/  

Noun, Verb
Synonyms: Blunder, slide, mistake, trip, error, lapse, fall, fault, stumble, glide, drop, slither, skid, sink, slump
Antonyms: Win, correction, perfection, improve, understand, rise

Hindi: चूक, फिसलना, खिसक जाना
Punjabi: ਸਲਿਪ


1. Lose one's footing and slide unintentionally for a short distance.

2. Go or move quietly or quickly, without attracting notice.

3. An act of sliding unintentionally for a short distance.

4. A fall to a lower level or standard.

Plural noun: Slips.

Verb forms: Slip, Slipped, Slipped.


There was a continuous slip in the food prices.

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