Roman  /ˈrəʊmən/  

Noun, Adjective
Synonyms: Romanist, romish, papistical, classical, roman catholic, roman type
Antonyms: Greek

Hindi: रोम देशवासी, रोम देश का
Punjabi: ਰੋਮਨ


1. Relating to ancient Rome or its empire or people.

2. Denoting the alphabet (or any of the letters in it) used for writing Latin, English, and most European languages, developed in ancient Rome.

3. (Of type) of a plain upright kind used in ordinary print, especially as distinguished from italic and Gothic.

4. A citizen or soldier of the ancient Roman Republic or Empire.

5. A Roman Catholic.

6. Roman type.

Plural Noun: Romans


Some of the Roman provinces are very rich.

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