Relief  /rɪˈliːf/  

Synonyms: Comfort, help, freedom, release, alleviate, relaxation, aid, assistance, solace, consolation
Antonyms: Disappointment, pain, heartbreak, discomfort, distress, ache, torture, hurt, misery

Hindi: राहत, आराम, चैन
Punjabi: ਰਾਹਤ


1. A feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.

2. Financial or practical assistance given to those in special need or difficulty.

3. A person or group of people replacing others who have been on duty.

4. The state of being clearly visible or obvious due to being accentuated.

Plural Noun: Reliefs


Prabh almost felt relief on the success of his project.

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