Primary  /ˈprʌɪm(ə)ri/  

Noun, Adjective
Synonyms: Principal, prime, chief, main, essential, fundamental, basic, foremost, elementary, cardinal
Antonyms: Secondary, ancillary, last, final, minor, auxiliary, subordinate, dependent, derivative

Hindi: मुख्य, प्राथमिक, प्राथमिक
Punjabi: ਪ੍ਰਾਇਮਰੀ


1. Of chief importance; principal.

2. Earliest in time or order.

3. Not derived from, caused by, or based on anything else.

4. Relating to or denoting education for children between the ages of about five and eleven.

5. Relating to or denoting the input side of a transformer or other inductive device.

6. (In the US) a preliminary election to appoint delegates to a party conference or to select the candidates for a principal, especially presidential, election.

7. A primary color.

8. The Palaeozoic era.

Plural Noun: Primaries


Poonam's primary goal is to study. 

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