Prepared  /pɹɪˈpɛəd/, /pɹɪˈpɛɹd/  

Synonyms: Ready, set, fit, able, trained, arranged, equipped, planned, adjusted, assembled, composed, devised, formulated, constructed
Antonyms: Unprepared, unwilling, offhand, impromptu

Hindi: तैयार, निर्मित, तैयार किया हुआ, निखारा हुआ
Punjabi: ਤਿਆਰ


Prepared is a past tense and past participle for a word "Prepare."

Prepare- 1. Make (something) ready for use or consideration.

2. Created in advance; pre-planned.

3. Make (food or a meal) ready for cooking or eating.

4. Make (a substance) by a chemical reaction or series of reactions.

5. Make (someone) ready or able to do or deal with something.

6. Be willing to do something.

7. (In conventional harmony) lead up to (a discord) by means of preparation.


Poonam is prepared to move to a new land of her dreams.

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