Part  /pɑːt/  

Noun, Verb, Adverb
Synonyms: Portion, section, segment, division, share, piece, component, element, fraction, partition, fragment
Antonyms: Whole, aggregate, gross, all, fully

Hindi: अंश, हिस्सा, भूमिका
Punjabi: ਭਾਗ


1. An amount or section which, when combined with others, makes up the whole of something.

2. Some but not all of something.

3. A role played by an actor or actress.

4. The contribution made by someone or something to an action or situation.

5. Abilities.

6. A parting in the hair.

7. (Of two things) move away from each other.

8. Leave someone's company.

9. Give up possession of; hand over.

10. Separate (the hair of the head on either side of the parting) with a comb.

11. To some extent; partly (often used to contrast different parts of something).

Plural Noun: Parts

Verb form: Part, Parted, Parted


Prabh and Poonam started taking language classes as part of their profession.

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