Open  /ˈəʊp(ə)n/  

Verb, Adjective, Noun
Synonyms: Candid, free, frank, honest, direct
Antonyms: Close, shut, convert

Hindi: खुला
Punjabi: ਖੋਲ੍ਹੋ


1. Allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked.

2. Exposed to the air or to view; not covered.

3. Move (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and vision.

4. Unfold or be unfolded; spread out.

5. Outdoors or in the countryside.

6. A championship or competition with no restrictions on who may compete.

Plural noun: Opens.

Verb forms: Open, Opened, Opened.

1. We shall open office shortly.
2. Aditi climbed through the open window.
3. Guests were sitting in the open on the terrace

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