Obsolete  /ˈɒbsəliːt/  

Adjective, Verb
Synonyms: Old, old-fashioned, archaic, outdated, antiquated, extinct, outmoded, antique, out-of-date
Antonyms: Modern, current, new, present, advanced, up-to-date

Hindi: अप्रचलित, पुराने ढंग का
Punjabi: ਪੁਰਾਣੀ


1. No longer produced or used; out of date.

2. (Of a part or characteristic of an organism) less developed than formerly or in a related species; rudimentary; vestigial.

3. Cause (a product or idea) to become obsolete by replacing it with something new.

Verb form: Obsolete, Obsoleted, Obsoleted


Knowledge of the toxicity of the drug soon became obsolete.

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