Object  /ˈɒbdʒɛkt,ˈɒbdʒɪkt/  

Noun, Verb
Synonyms: Purpose, goal, intention, objective, thing
Antonyms: Accept, agree, subject

Hindi: वस्तु, एतराज़ करना
Punjabi: ਇਕਾਈ, ਇਤਰਾਜ਼


1. A material thing that can be seen and touched.

2. A person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.

3. A noun or noun phrase governed by an active transitive verb or by a preposition.

4. Say something to express one's opposition to or disagreement with something.

Plural noun: Objects.

Verb forms: Object, Objected, Objected.


1. He is dragging a large object.

2. Residents object to the volume of traffic.

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