Mixed  /mɪkst/  

Adjective, Verb
Synonyms: Miscellaneous, combined, amalgamated, diverse, assorted, blended, mingled, racially mixed
Antonyms: Pure, segregated, separate, singular, homogeneous

Hindi: मिश्रित, भिन्न जाति का, मिला-जुला
Punjabi: ਮਿਲਾਇਆ


1. Consisting of different qualities or elements.

   a. (Of an assessment of, reaction to, or feeling about something) containing a mixture of both favorable and negative elements.

   b. Composed of different varieties of the same thing.

   c. (Especially of an educational establishment or a sports team or competition) of or for members of both sexes.

2. (Of a person) associate with others socially.

3. (Especially in sound recording) combine (two or more signals or soundtracks) into one.

Verb forms: Mix, Mixed, Mixed.


Raj has mixed views regarding this matter.

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