Local  /ˈləʊk(ə)l/  

Noun, Adjective
Synonyms: Regional, native, provincial, sectional, indigenous, district, nearby
Antonyms: Foreign, global, alien, multicultural, national, international

Hindi: स्थानीय, लोकल, स्थानिक
Punjabi: ਸਥਾਨਕ


1. Relating or restricted to a particular area or one's neighbourhood.

2. (In technical use) relating to a particular region or part, or to each of any number of these.

3. A local person or thing, in particular:

4. An inhabitant of a particular area or neighbourhood.

5. A floor trader who trades on their own account, rather than on behalf of other investors.

6. A local branch of an organization, especially a trade union.

7. A pub convenient to a person's home.

8. A local train or bus service.

Plural Noun: Locals


There is a local furniture store in my town.

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