Having  /ˈhævɪŋ/  

Synonyms: Holding, possessing, seizing, keeping
Antonyms: Without, loss, misplacement, lacking, not making it

Hindi: होने, रखना
Punjabi: ਹੋਣ


Having is a present participle of a word "Have."

Have- 1. Possess, own, or hold.

2. Experience; undergo.

3. Be obliged or find it necessary to do the specified thing.

4. Perform the action indicated by the noun specified (used especially in spoken English as an alternative to a more specific verb).

5. Show (a personal attribute or quality) by one's actions or attitude.

6. Place or keep (something) in a particular position.

7. Be the recipient of (something sent, given, or done).

8. Used with a past participle to form the perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses, and the conditional mood.


Prabh is having fun with Poonam.

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