Game  /ɡeɪm/  

Verb, Adjective, Noun
Synonyms: Courageous, pastime, prey, sport, quarry, play, amusement, stake, spirited, spunky, victim, intrepid, gamble
Antonyms: Shy, scary, feraful, coward, unwilling, afraid, cautious, disinclined, unready

Hindi: खेल
Punjabi: ਗੇਮ


1. A form of competitive activity or sport played according to rules.

2. An activity that one engages in for amusement.

3. A complete episode or period of play, ending in a final result.

4. Wild mammals or birds hunted for sport or food.

5. Eager or willing to do something new or challenging.

6. Manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair or unscrupulous.

7. Play video games.

8. Play gambling games.

Plural noun: Games.

Verb forms: Game, Gamed, Gamed.


Modern people are involved in the game of earning more and more money.

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