Free  /friː/  

Adverb, Adjective, Verb
Synonyms: Release, open, loose, clear, liberate
Antonyms: Busy, confined, bound, unfree

Hindi: मुक्त, स्वतंत्र
Punjabi: ਮੁਫ਼ਤ, ਆਜ਼ਾਦ


1. Able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another.

2. Not subject to engagements or obligations.

3. Not subject to or affected by (something undesirable).

4. without cost or payment.

5. release from confinement or slavery.

6. Remove something undesirable or restrictive from.

Verb forms: Free, Freed, Freed.

1. The pen is free with this notebook.
2. I am free to play a game.

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