Face  /feɪs/  

Noun, Verb
Synonyms: Confront, front, look, profile
Antonyms: Rear, back, fear

Hindi: चेहरा
Punjabi: ਚਿਹਰਾ


1. The front part of a person's head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal.

2. The surface of a thing, especially one that is presented to the view or has a particular function, in particular:

3. Be positioned with the face or front towards (someone or something).

4. Confront and deal with or accept.

5. Cover the surface of (something) with a layer of a different material.

Plural noun: Faces.

Verb forms: Face, Faced, Faced.


1. He turned to face her.

2. The unacceptable face of social drinking.

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