Early  /ˈəːli/  

Noun, Adjective, Adverb
Synonyms: Primordial, first, betimes, initial, premature, untimely, former, primitive, beginning, ancient, earlier, old
Antonyms: Late, middle, overdue, modern, old, later, future, belated, afterward, recently

Hindi: जल्दी, पूर्व
Punjabi: ਛੇਤੀ


1. Happening or done before the usual or expected time.

2. Belonging or happening near the beginning of a particular period.

3. Before the usual or expected time.

4. Near the beginning of a period.

5. Before the present time or before the time one is referring to.

6. Potatoes which are ready to be harvested before the main crop.

7. Early shifts.

Plural Noun: Earlies


In the early times, many battles were fought.

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