Doubled  /ˈdʌb(ə)ld/  

Synonyms: Double, twofold, duplicated, paired, redoubled, coupled, copied
Antonyms: Halved, divided, singled, decreased

Hindi: दोगुनी, दूना करना
Punjabi: ਦੁੱਗਣੇ


Doubled is a past tense and past participle form of a word "DOUBLE."

Double- 1. Become twice as much or as many.

2. Move at twice the usual speed; run.

3. Fold or bend (paper, cloth, or other material) over on itself.

4. Pot (a ball) by making it rebound off a cushion.

5. Sail round (a headland).

6. Be used in or play another, different role.

7. Add the same note in a higher or lower octave to (a note).


Poonam's income has been doubled.

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