Close  /kləʊs/  

Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb
Synonyms: Near, finish, end, stop, tight
Antonyms: Lonely, open, distant, far

Hindi: बंद करे
Punjabi: ਬੰਦ ਕਰੋ


1. Only a short distance away or apart in space or time.

2. Denoting a family member who is part of a person's immediate family, typically a parent or sibling.

3. Very near to someone or something; with very little space between.

4. A residential street without through access.

5. Move so as to cover an opening.

6. Bring or come to an end.

Plural noun: Closes.

Verb forms: Close, Closed, Closed.


1. My home is close to the sea.

2. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you about yourself.

3. They stood close to the door.

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