Administer  /ədˈmɪnɪstə/  

Synonyms: Direct, manage, control, supervise, govern, run, conduct, superintend, command, deal, dispense, operate, administrate
Antonyms: Neglect, deny, forego, refuse, withhold, frustrate

Hindi: प्रशासन के, प्रबंध करना, प्रशासन करना
Punjabi: ਪ੍ਰਬੰਧ ਕਰੋ


1. Manage and be responsible for the running of (a business, organization, etc.).

2. Dispense or apply (a remedy or drug).

3. (Of a priest) perform the rites of (a sacrament).

4. Direct the taking of (an oath).

Verb form: Administer, Administered, Administered


Schools appoint persons to administer the funds.

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