On  /ɒn/  

Preposition and Adverb

Synonyms: Upon, above, over, about, via, through, in progress
Antonyms: Off, below

Hindi: पर, चालू
Punjabi: ਤੇ,


1. physically in contact with and supported by (a surface).

  • located somewhere in the general surface area of (a place).
  • as a result of accidental physical contact with.
  • supported by (a part of the body).
  • on to.
  • in the possession of; being carried by.
2. forming a distinctive or marked part of the surface of.

3. physically in contact with and supported by a surface.

4. indicating a continuation of a movement or action.

5. (of an event) taking place or being presented.


1. The pen is on the table.

2. I'll see you later on.

3. Turn on the fan.