It  /ɪt/  


Synonyms: Her, he, she, hers, them

Hindi: एक विषैला पौधा
Punjabi: ਮਾਂਦਰੇਕ


1. Used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.

2. Used to identify a person.

3. Used in the normal subject position in statements about time, distance, or weather.

4. Used in the normal subject or object position when a more specific subject or object is given later in the sentence.

5. Used to emphasize the following part of a sentence.

6. The situation or circumstances; things in general.

7. Exactly what is needed or desired.

8. (In children's games) the player who has to catch the others.

9. Denoting a person or thing that is exceptionally fashionable, popular, or successful at a particular time.

It is a lovely gift given by Prabh to Poonam.